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Should we mourn dead police officers?

I’ve been wrestling with how to approach the recent attacks on police officers. A condemnation doesn’t seem right. Continue reading


(Censored by Facebook) the police: And other thoughts on the latest execution.

When I first read the name: Alton Sterling, I was scrolling down my Facebook feed at 11 pm after having worked an 8 hr shift. My first unbidden thought was: “Lord, why?” If this makes me sound religious, it shouldn’t, it is simply the result of cultural conditioning, itself conditioned by 400 years of being … Continue reading

Fuck the police: And other thoughts in the wake of another execution.

Fuck the police. Continue reading

Jesse Williams’s Humanitarian award speech shows us the best and worst of Black America

The BET awards, if nothing else, offers us a chance to peer deeply into the soul and empty soul shaped spaces of Black America. Continue reading