Pending Thoughts

I am going to try something new, I hope you enjoy it. Like the vast majority of aspiring writers, I want to write more. Last year my goal was to produce a blog post every week. My actual output resembled a post a month…for about six months, at which point I fell off. This year, I started with the same goal, so far, I’ve averaged a post every 50 days, which is a decided step in the wrong direction. As anyone who reads this blog knows, when I post, I try to tackle big problems in a deep way, which I consider to be the most important contribution I can make to the world. The problem with that is, when I run into an obstacle, I can’t keep writing until I overcome it. There’s an upside to this, obviously, if I may flatter myself, the result of all this wrangling tends to be pretty high quality. The problem with intermittent posting is that I miss out on the ongoing conversation with you, my readers, that I aspire to have. In addition, insofar as you like my approach to the problems of human life,(warts and all) you probably want to hear from me more often. My current working solution is to augment my “full” posts with more informal offerings I’m going to call: “Pending thoughts.” Think of these collectively as an intellectual journal, of sorts. I’m always thinking about something, how power works, why people like dogs, what would happen if a county sheriff arrested a sitting president, what are the implications of a curved space-time, you name it, I’ve pondered it. Few of these random thought streams lead to definite solutions or settled opinions on my part, but those also tend to be the most interesting. I prefer to think of my blog posts as essays, in the original French, an essai is an attempt. As difficult as it is to write in an extended manner, as opposed to a Facebook post or a tweet thread, without needing to neatly wrap everything up, I think to do so is immensely fruitful and allows one to take a more vigorous line of attack without the burden of performed infallibility. God and work ethic willing, we’ll have at least one of these a week. Enjoy.