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The Confederacy will never be defeated until we destroy its monuments.

The reasoning which opposes the demolishers in this debate defies reason. Continue reading


Why I am a Black Separatist

Published by accident, full post coming at some point..  

Pending Thought: The Pax Americana is eating itself.

Donald Trump has been blowing things up. But no, this is not quite right, as Donald Trump is just some fat septuagenarian. He, as himself, has as much power to rain fire from the sky as I do. This time last year, he couldn’t have blown up his own toilet without getting the approval of … Continue reading

Pending thoughts: A note on ideology

Ideology is what is left behind when thought has vacated the premises. Continue reading

Racist murders, Black corpses, White entitlement.

I do not doubt the reality and power of artistic empathy. But any true empathy would have shown Schutz that as a White person, she is part of the cabal that created the bloated, broken body in her painting. As someone for whom this act was ostensibly done, her place in the story was in the barn where Emmett was tortured and murdered, with the lynchers, not in the funeral home with his mother. Continue reading

Pending Thoughts

I am going to try something new, I hope you enjoy it. Like the vast majority of aspiring writers, I want to write more. Last year my goal was to produce a blog post every week. My actual output resembled a post a month…for about six months, at which point I fell off. This year, … Continue reading

Pending thoughts: Ableism and its discontents.

This is the first example of a new kind of post I’m trying out, if you want an explanation, please go here: I had an interesting experience at my job recently, I work as a tour guide on an open air doubledecker bus, and one of my guests was a young man in a wheelchair … Continue reading

White Genocide and You: The troubling truth.

It is awfully hard not to see the last 500 years as a litany of horrors, provided one hews to the moral ideas which allow us to go outside and reasonably expect that we will not be murdered and eaten. That these horrors are
foundational to the rise of Western/White dominance is frequently a source of embarrassment, even for those who claim to feel no embarrassment. Continue reading

The Snake has Risen, What Now?: Meditations on the Coming Era (As Seen on Racebaitr)

Click here to be redirected to Racebaitr where my essay was published. As always, if inclined to support this work, please donateĀ 

Should we mourn dead police officers?

I’ve been wrestling with how to approach the recent attacks on police officers. A condemnation doesn’t seem right. Continue reading